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The Black Book - The GUMSHOE Character Builder

Like All Good Things…

This site has helped over 3,000 users make almost 25,000 Gumshoe characters. This version of the black book has done its job, but now it is time to replace it with a new version. A version that offers GM tools and innovations like the Shock and Injury cards from Yellow Sign, while modernizing the overall experience.

The new site is just a few weeks away from alpha testing. Here is your chance to see an early preview and get a chance to give input and influence the final product. Go and put yourself on the list for an invite:

While the new site is under development,, please continue to generate new characters here.

Thank you so much to all the funders for the Trail of Cthulhu character builder. If your name is not listed here, it is because we think you want to remain anonymous. If we are wrong, please tell us.

First, thanks to Rob Harper, who named the generator The Black Book, a reference to the Black Book of Azathoth into which names are entered.

Next we have Scott Douglas, Andrew Raphael, Daniel Byrne and Ken Finlayson, who sacrificed the whole world; Ben Parks, Sune Nĝdskou, Nikodemus Siivola, John F Rauchert, Sam Friedman and M. Sean Molley who sacrificed their town.

Then Eric Priehs, Jim McCarthy and James Pacheco who caused the monster to rise; then David Shope, Dave Desgagnes and Steven Marsh authors of forbidden tomes.

Please offer them all your undying and blind devotion.

Next, Niclas Matikainen, John Post, Paul Snow, Fernando Barrera, John Evans, Patrick Barrett and Jeremy Redman, whose characters lived; then Rick Neal, Sasha Bilton, Reto M. KIefer, Dave Sokolowski, John Anderson, Terry Regan and Cameron Paine, whose characters died.

Please offer them your undying and effusive devotion.

David Lai, Reza Peigahi, Steve Moss, Kristoffer From, Damon Dorsey, John Stephens, Petri Wessman, Jonathon Dyer, Neal Dalton, Louis Banna, Matthew C H Winder, John Taber, Shane Mclean and Reverend Dak.

Let their names live on.

The Black Book was written by Graham Walmsley and is maintained and updated by John Clayton.